Writing about the Butterfly Scheme?

A recent uplifting experience has been liaison with the PSP Association (www.pspassociation.org.uk), who contacted me to find out whether – and if so, how – the Butterfly Scheme could be accessed by its members. As a result of that liaison its online magazine, PSP Matters, published a wonderful article about the scheme. Having done the research, the author was able to accurately represent what the scheme is and does and how it could benefit the people the association supports. Here’s an excerpt:

The staff in these hospitals are trained to use a system of care which promotes safety and well-being, regardless of how reliable a patient’s memory is. You can request that care by opting to display a special Butterfly symbol; the staff then know what to do to help you. The staff will be aware of whether you have a dementia diagnosis or simply need support because of your memory.

This accuracy contrasts starkly with the regular misrepresentation of the scheme in so-called research documents, where it is so often referenced only for its identification symbol, rather than for the care approach which is the very essence of the scheme. As I pointed out to one such researcher this week, if I thought I’d dedicated thirteen years of my life to creating an identification symbol, I’d be extremely disappointed; I’d rather hoped that I’d made a contribution to the improvement of dementia care!

So, if you plan to reference or write about the Butterfly Scheme during 2017, please accept this invitation to email me via the website and allow me to provide you with accurate information. It’ll ensure your article gives the proper facts – and you never know, it might even help someone!