Project Description


When you’re in hospital, there often seems to be a lot going on. Hospital staff can ask so many questions and give out so much information! Although they’re doing this to help patients, it can all feel a bit overwhelming if your memory is sometimes less reliable than it used to be. Being unwell can also affect memory, so you might just benefit from some memory support during a specific time of illness.

In member hospitals, the Butterfly Scheme is available to anyone who needs memory support. Staff in member hospitals are trained to use a system of care which promotes safety and well-being, regardless of how reliable your memory is. You can request that care by opting to display a special Butterfly symbol; the staff then know what to do to help you.

The Butterfly Scheme Champion on your ward will give you the right Butterfly for your needs. If you have a dementia diagnosis, they will know what to do – and if you simply need some memory support whilst you’re in hospital they will know you don’t have a dementia diagnosis and just need that help. It’s your choice.

If the Butterfly Scheme is advertised at your local hospital, please ask to speak to the Butterfly Scheme Champion on the ward.