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June 2024

This month, I’ve been in close contact with a good friend whose parents are needing more and more care as their ability to deal with daily admin themselves decreases; […]

May 2024

You may not realise that a number of hospices have for some time been members of the Butterfly Scheme, but it was very special to welcome another one this […]

April 2024

For the best part of twenty years, I’ve travelled across the UK for every meeting and every teaching day involving the Butterfly Scheme. For me, that’s meant a life […]

March 2024

I’ve realised that it’s now thirteen years since my mum died. Thirteen years is a significant length of time to me, because that’s how long I looked after her […]

February 2024

Some readers of this feature may be familiar with the name of Wendy Mitchell, who, after being diagnosed with dementia a decade or so ago, became a campaigner and […]