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March 2024

I’ve realised that it’s now thirteen years since my mum died. Thirteen years is a significant length of time to me, because that’s how long I looked after her […]

February 2024

Some readers of this feature may be familiar with the name of Wendy Mitchell, who, after being diagnosed with dementia a decade or so ago, became a campaigner and […]

January 2024

At a club committee meeting last week, the issue of honorary positions was discussed. Some of the current holders of honorary positions now lived with dementia and the question […]

December 2023

This festive period, I simply want to thank all the Butterfly Scheme teams for their dedication and insightful care. Our plan for 2024 is to make it easier for […]

November 2023

Like so many people, I’m constantly bombarded with unwanted emails from people offering to “boost my business”. I delete every one of them – because The Butterfly Scheme absolutely […]