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April 2020

As I write this, we’ve just held the national silence recognising the loss of keyworkers, very much including NHS and other hospital staff, some of whom were team members […]

March 2020

Like so many, I’ve been applauding the work of our NHS teams in hospitals and in the community as they meet the demands of dealing with Covid-19. I also […]

February 2020

If anyone’s not convinced that hospital dementia care can be superb, let them read on! I’ve had the enormous pleasure this month of returning to Blackpool to give a […]

January 2020

If you’re ever worried about someone you know – maybe a friend or relative – because they seem unwell or distressed, what can you do to help … especially […]

December 2019

Inevitably, some people living with dementia will end up spending this festive period in hospital. It’s always the hope that, whatever people are being treated for, the whole staff […]