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May 2023

I always enjoy teaching hospital teams, but the Butterfly Scheme launch day this month at The London Clinic was a particularly enjoyable event. 

Butterfly Scheme launch days are about getting […]

April 2023

A dear friend of mine lost his wife last year; she’d lived  with dementia for some years and he’d been her carer – and what a carer he’d been! […]

March 2023

From time to time, I’m contacted by a former carer who wants to make a donation to the Butterfly Scheme in memory of someone who’s used the Scheme in […]

February 2023

Time and time again, I’m contacted by people who want to bring in a symbol “to improve care”. I always begin by asking what they have in mind to […]

January 2023

When the Alzheimer’s Society delivered its petition to Downing Street this month, I commented to its CEO, Kate Lee, that I’m seeing a widening of the gap between the […]