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February 2019

I’d like to quote from a recent bulletin by Michael Wilson CBE (Chief Executive of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust), referring to East Surrey Hospital, and ask you […]

January 2019

In December, I wrote about appropriate use of symbols in the community, but I’m revisiting that now from the perspective of people’s own homes. That’s because this month […]

December 2018

As those of you familiar with the Butterfly Scheme know very well, the scheme is based on an appropriate dementia care approach – not identification! The identifier symbolises a […]

November 2018

On one single day this month I had three separate messages from friends and relatives about people living with dementia who had been taken into hospital. I had […]

October 2018

Every now and then, it’s worth taking time to reflect on positive changes in our approach to dementia and dementia care. It’s easy to become frustrated because so much […]