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October 2022

As we all know, the pandemic set dementia care back very significantly in most hospitals. Many are now recovering really well, largely due to huge efforts on the part […]

September 2022

Chatting with a friend whose mum lives with dementia, a topic arose which many of you will be familiar with. My friend’s mum had had what may be described […]

August 2022

Two situations this month have had similar themes: people asking to use individual Butterfly Scheme elements, but outside the standard format of the Scheme. In each case, someone’s come […]

July 2022

It’s great that family carers of people living with dementia are becoming better-informed about what to expect from dementia care within healthcare. 

You may be aware that the Butterfly Scheme […]

June 2022

You may have read a report that was published this month, looking at continence care for people in hospitals and the way that care is sometimes applied for people […]