News & Events

May 2022

A new experience for me this month – offering my local community a dementia education session. The idea was that by offering them insight into dementia-related issues surrounding hospital […]

April 2022

There’s been quite a bit in the news this month about the benefits of music therapy for people living with dementia – but some of you may not be […]

March 2022

Real grounds for optimism this month as more in-house Dementia Leads declared themselves ready to move ahead with the rebuilding process after two years of huge disruption. 

Although I work […]

February 2022

As this month has progressed, something very noticeable has taken place: more and more hospital Leads have linked up with me to start getting their dementia care back up […]

January 2022

As we can all understand, it’s unusual for hospitals to be able to be in a position to bring in care improvements at the moment. That made me especially […]