Project Description

The Butterfly Scheme’s founder is constantly being approached by students who are interested in the scheme or wish to base a dissertation on it. Clearly, she is unable to support each student individually, but here’s some guidance in structuring your work.

First, search through this website, including taking a good look at the News section, which stretches back quite a way and has some very useful pointers. You can’t reproduce the scheme’s materials for your work, but you can explore the structure and why it works so well, including looking at:

  • Is it relevant that this scheme was created by a family carer, is led by a family carer and is taught by family carers?
  • Why is this an opt-in scheme?
  • Why do you think the scheme has a virtually 100% opt-in rate?
  • Why are all staff across the hospital involved?
  • You’ve perhaps heard about the scheme’s 5-point care response. Why isn’t that 5-point care response published here? (see FAQs if unsure)
  • Why is an integrally-used carer sheet important?
  • Why does the scheme’s founder object to the scheme being referred to as an identification scheme – and can an identification symbol actually be a scheme at all? Within the Butterfly Scheme, what is the identifier’s purpose?

By considering all these points, you should be able to structure your work to examine many of the key concepts which make the Butterfly Scheme what it is.