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January 2022

As we can all understand, it’s unusual for hospitals to be able to be in a position to bring in care improvements at the moment. That made me especially […]

December 2021

Once again, hospitals are coming under severe pressure. Many have taken significant steps towards rebuilding the dementia care reliability they had pre-pandemic, but inevitably that will now slip once […]

November 2021

At a hospital appointment this month, I spotted a notice reminding people that only patients and carers were allowed into the building during the pandemic. Anyone who’s become a […]

October 2021

As you may imagine, a certain amount of staff turnover is always going to take place in any hospital, but the changes during the past twenty months have been […]

September 2021

As I write this, I’ve just had the privilege of taking part – albeit by videolink – in an event held by one of the Scheme’s member Trusts. It […]