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November 2023

Like so many people, I’m constantly bombarded with unwanted emails from people offering to “boost my business”. I delete every one of them – because The Butterfly Scheme absolutely […]

October 2023

Recently, at the funeral of a dear friend who’d lived with dementia, someone commented that she’d “not really been here for three years”. 

Not here? Really? This was the lady […]

September 2023

This month held both great sadness and great joy for me; I gained a beautiful grandchild, but also lost a dear friend. The friend had dementia; her daughter lives […]

August 2023

I was very pleased this month to hear from a university lecturer who wanted to inform herself about the Butterfly Scheme because it had been placed on the curriculum […]

July 2023

You may have heard the excellent news this month that a drug has been found to significantly slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease in people diagnosed early. This is […]