Another month of recovery in NHS hospitals, as the teams continue to regroup after a hugely demanding year. 

Staff are now largely back in their more usual roles and the queries I’m receiving are telling me a story; despite their exhaustion, staff teams are keen to restore their best possible dementia care in all areas. They’re being absolutely honest about potential gaps and are doing a thorough job of building back from the base upward – creating firm foundations for the future.

Please refer to last month’s news item for how best to support them in supporting anyone with dementia who goes into their care. 

The policy within the Butterfly Scheme is always to want to know of any gaps or shortcomings, in order to be able to optimise care. Nonetheless, I’m filled with admiration every time someone approaches me with an issue they know they need to address; having that attitude still in place after such an exhausting year tells you what hospital and healthcare teams are made of. 

And yes – if you can pass on praise and thanks to teams caring well for someone with dementia, that’ll be appreciated now more than ever.