A very simple message this month: I have been delighted to hold the first online videolink session to support dementia care teams in their return to something more akin to normality. 

As numbers of patients being treated in hospital for Covid reduce, staff are starting to return to their previous wards and teams. Local Butterfly Scheme Leads are aware that in many cases their dementia care will need to be refreshed. What’s very heartening indeed is that where more dementia care champions were needed, people have so far enthusiastically come forward. 

Full recovery of excellent dementia care in all settings will take time, but the news so far is extremely positive and I’m optimistic that healthcare teams’ existing passion for dementia care will help them forward; many have commented how good it feels to be able to again fully address the dementia care that they so love.

As ever, if something’s not right, please be clear and proactive in letting Butterfly Scheme Champions know; they absolutely want to deliver the best care they can and they want to work in partnership with people living with dementia and with their usual carers. Teamwork will, as ever, be key – and we can all be part of those teams, supporting them as they readjust.