March 2019

As you know, the Butterfly Scheme is a specific dementia care approach delivered by healthcare teams to support people living with dementia (or simply needing memory support) – and […]

February 2019

I’d like to quote from a recent bulletin by Michael Wilson CBE (Chief Executive of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust), referring to East Surrey Hospital, and ask you […]

January 2019

In December, I wrote about appropriate use of symbols in the community, but I’m revisiting that now from the perspective of people’s own homes. That’s because this month […]

December 2018

As those of you familiar with the Butterfly Scheme know very well, the scheme is based on an appropriate dementia care approach – not identification! The identifier symbolises a […]

November 2018

On one single day this month I had three separate messages from friends and relatives about people living with dementia who had been taken into hospital. I had […]